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This place is for girls who are hardrock moshers. If you're the kind of girl who doesn't stay in the back of the venue, watching and cringing at the mosh pit, but rather joins in, this is the place for you. This is for all hardcore rocker chicks who love to jump into a pit of adrenaline-rushed guys and will body-slam, shove, and sweat her way through the showing of a favorite band. You don't care for the bumps, the cuts, the bruises and how many times you'll get knocked down! Moshing is a part of concerts and a part of you, and you need to share that. ;)

In your intro post, please tell us about yourself. Your name, age, location, favorite bands, favorite bands to mosh to, pictures if you want, whatever!

Use this community to meet other Mosh Rock Girls, talk about bands and concerts, post concert experiences, pictures of band members yo'uve met, advertise shows, anything as long as it has to do with music!

Basic Rules:
  • Unless someone joins the community squealing about how awesome bubblegum pop is (which it ain't), it's not your place to bitch your "superior taste in music" to someone who likes something other than your music.
  • No racist, anti-homosexuality, and other insulting comments allowed.
  • Have fun. Rock on.

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    Your moshin' mod is vivalasvacas